Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Python - break a large mysql dump into small dumps

# created a dumpfile from my mysql db
# and found that it was too large to
# upload to my new db host.
# this python script breaks up the database
# into smaller pieces that you can more
# easily import through phpmyadmin
# (if I'd only had shell access I wouldn't
# have this problem at all!)
# indicates a new table is about to be
# created
dlmtr = "-- Table structure for table"
wholeFile = open("myDBDump.sql")
fileN = 0
oFile = open(str(fileN) + ".sql", 'w')
reducing = True
for line in wholeFile:
    if line.find(dlmtr) > -1:
        # this is the seam for the next file
        print "starting new file"
        fileN += 1
        oFile = open(str(fileN) + ".sql", 'w')
print "Done"

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